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Hello & Welcome

Welcome to Rhema Scotland's website. Our church is very active and welcomes all. I hope that you will take the time to view our many activities and come along to one of our meetings or special events, where you will be warmly welcomed and can experience the love of God and His amazing presence. 

Rhema Scotland is a pentecostal church who believe everyone should have a personal relationship with God. Our churches are situated in both Edinburgh & Kirkcaldy, offering easy access to our weekly services and group activities.

I look forward to meeting you soon,

Pastor Sherrie Hadden.

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Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

All church services have now resumed in both Kirkcaldy and Edinburgh with safety guidelines in place for those attending services and other live meetings. Read more ...

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December's reading theme is:
"Growing in Christ"

Today's scripture:
He said to her, Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be cured of your disease.
Mark chapter 5, verse 34
The woman who Jesus is referring to as 'daughter', was very sick. She had been living with a bleed for many years. She had spent all her monies to get better, just like you and I would do, but nothing healed her. However, she heard about Jesus and went in search of Him. Among the mulititude of people she could hardly get close, but she crowded in and managed to touch His clothing. This action was faith! Her faith healed her and made her well. Jesus says, as we have read, 'Daughter, your faith has made you well.' The woman chose to put her trust in Jesus and the testimonies she heard about Him, and it drew her out of her house to search for the Lord that she might be healed. Well, she was not disappointed, was she? This Word is for everyone today, who will choose to be in faith for their healing and who will seek out the Lord in faith.
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ENCOURAGE  is the powerful, inspiring and active men’s ministry of Rhema Church Scotland. Chilling out with a game of pool, football and darts, and let’s not forget the food and refreshments they enjoy together.

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Our women's group DIADEMS, seeks to reach women from all over the world, skilfully teaching them God’s Word and inspiring them to rise up and achieve their full potential as Women of God, daughters of the Most High, created in the image of their Father God.

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INTENSITY our youth group, get together for many  activities such as fun nights with inflatables & bungee runs, bowling, movie nights and lasers. In October they have their annual conference where they spend a few days together, learning the word of God, praising the Lord, making new friends and enjoying each other's company.

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Here at Rhema Church Scotland we believe our children are our future. Rhema ANCHORS is for children aged 5 - 11. They have their own service held during our morning services, where they are taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and their creative sides are encouraged with arts and crafts of different kinds.

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Precious Gems

PRECIOUS GEMS is Rhema Church Scotland's ministry to the younger family members from ages 1-4. Our GEMS are an important part of the family of God, even at their young ages and can still be taught the Word of God at their own level.

  Sunday Services

Church Online: 10.00am - (livestreamed via Youtube channel - Scotland Rhema)

10.00am - Kirkcaldy

12noon - Edinburgh

Supporting God's Work  

If the Lord is leading you to support His work through Rhema Scotland, please use the button below to bless His ministry with whatever amount He has placed in your heart.

God bless you.

  Contact Us
Our contact page has maps showing the location of both our Edinburgh & Kirkcaldy churches. You can enlarge the map and get the directions you need.