Update - 05/01/2021

Due to the tougher restrictions which have been put in place by the Scottish Government in the fight against Covid-19, Places of Worship in Scotland, have been instructed to close for this period of lockdown.

This means that unfortunately, for the moment, in line with Government guidance and laws, we are no longer able to have Sunday services in the Kirkcaldy and Edinburgh churches.

The Live Streaming of the Sunday service will be ongoing and you can join with the service beginning with Worship at 9.45am on a Sunday morning. All other virtual meetings will also continue.

We will monitor the situation and the updates of restrictions and as soon as it is safe to do so and we have the clearance, live services will resume.

Update - 29/09/2020

The Government continues to keep the nation updated daily with the current situation, restrictions and changes to guidelines and though Rhema Scotland follow this information closely and ensure any changes are made to our procedures as instructed or where necessary, we endeavour to keep our minds and hearts set on the things of God and trust in Him for the victory in this fight of faith.

We are thanking God that Sunday morning services have resumed in both Kirkcaldy and Edinburgh churches and the congregants that are attending are excited to be back in the house of God.

The Government have detailed guidance on how ‘Places of Worship’ are allowed to operate during this period of time for the public’s safety and for the safety of the church and ministry. Therefore, there are strict guidelines in place in both churches, social distancing is essential at all times, hand Sanitising stations are available, one way entry and exit systems are in place,  and we ask everyone to take note of the signage located throughout the buildings.

There is a strict limit on the numbers that can attend (maximum 50), face coverings are required, congregational singing is not allowed at the present time and in line with Government guidance we have to ask that once the service is finished people vacate the building as quickly as possible and do not congregate in small areas or groups.

Anyone attending services please adhere to these guidelines and to work with our teams, who are giving instruction and guidance, regards seating etc. to ensure that everyone is safe and secure. 

The Kirkcaldy service is at 10am and the service in Edinburgh is at 12noon.

Church Online with Pastor Sherrie Hadden will continue at 10am via youtube (ScotlandRhema), for all those who are isolating , prefer to stay at home during these uncertain times and for those who connect Globally.

Prayer Meetings, Encourage, Diadems, Intensity youth and Bible studies will all continue to be carried out virtually.

Again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners and congregation for their faithfulness and their support for this ministry through this difficult and unusual period. We thank the Lord that we as a church have come through and continue to progress and develop with His help and with His strength and we will see the full victory for this nation and all the nations of the world over this disease.

Our prayers continue to be with everyone who has been affected by this virus throughout the world and for their families and we are thanking the Father that as we stay faithful to seek Him through this time of uncertainty and difficulty, His Mighty Hand will move across this earth and we will see our mourning turn to dancing and our sadness in to joy. Jesus is Lord!