As the Government keeps us updated each day with the progress and the lifting of restrictions, Rhema Scotland have been following this information closely and we are very pleased that earlier than expected,  the First Minister has given the clearance for places of worship to reopen.

However, even though the Government has given this clearance for the reopening of places of worship from 15th July 2020, there are strict guidelines which must be adhered to.

It is due to this that we at Rhema Scotland have now entered a time of preparation, to ready the church buildings for a safe and secure return of our congregations. We are endeavouring to follow all government guidelines which will ensure the safety of everyone attending.

Church Online with Pastor Sherrie Hadden will continue at present at 10am via youtube (Scotland Rhema), and the plan is to see the Kirkcaldy church reopen for services, with strict guidance in place regards limited numbers (maximum 50), handwashing, face coverings etc, at the beginning of August.  The Edinburgh church will reopen later that month.

The partners and congregation of Rhema Scotland have been and will be notified with further information regards times, dates and guidance to follow on the return to church.

All other meetings will continue to be carried out virtually.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners and congregation for their faithfulness and their support for this ministry through this difficult and unusual period. We thank the Lord that we as a church have come through and continue to progress and develop with His help and with His strength and we will see the full victory for this nation and all the nations of the world, over this disease.

Our prayers continue to be with everyone who has been affected by this virus throughout the world and for their families and we are thanking the Father that as we stay faithful to seek Him through this time of uncertainty and difficulty, His Mighty Hand will move across this earth and we will see our mourning turn to dancing and our sadness in to joy. Jesus is Lord!