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Christmas at Rhema Church Scotland 2016

Rhema Church ScotlandDecember 01, 2016
Christmas Hampers on a table

With so many parties and activities happening throughout the world, people busy shopping and preparing homes for this time of year, it is so easy for us to forget the real meaning of Christmas – to celebrate the birth of our Saviour and Lord – Jesus Christ – “Unto us a child is born and a Son is given!” (Isaiah 9:6)

It is because of Jesus that we have received a new life with a new way of living. So therefore in the midst of all our activities, excitement and fun let us each take the time to worship Him! After all Jesus is the real reason for Christmas celebrations.

It is because of our love for our Saviour that Christmas is a special time of year on the Rhema Church Scotland calendar and we try to have several activities and celebrations happening for all our age ranges. With Anchors & Gems children’s parties, Ignite Youth Christmas Night and our Rhema Church Open Evening and Family Night there is so much for all the family to enjoy here at Rhema this Christmas.

We here at Rhema always try to reach out to those in need at Christmas and our Christmas Hampers are something that is well received by the families and homes we reach out to.

We are looking forward to another exciting Christmas season and another opportunity to enjoy with our brothers and sisters in Christ the fun and festivities of celebrating the birth of our Saviour and King – Jesus!

You are warmly invited to join with us at one or all of our Christmas events through this Christmas time:

Sunday 11th December 2016:   

                                                Open Evening and Christmas Family Night, Kirkcaldy

(to assist our staff with the catering and seating arrangements, if you would like to attend this event, then please email the office before Thursday 8th December 2016)  

Sunday 18th December 2016:

                                                6.00pm         Christmas Praise Night, Kirkcaldy

Saturday 24th December 2016:

                                                7.30pm         Christmas Eve Service, Edinburgh

Sunday 25th December 2016:

                                                10.00am       Christmas Day Service, Kirkcaldy

Saturday 31st December 2016:

                                                10.30pm       New Year Celebration, Edinburgh

Sunday 01st January 2017:

                                                10.00am       New Year Day Service, Kirkcaldy                      

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy, Blessed and Prosperous 2017!

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