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Dr Jesse Duplantis & Pastor Cathy Duplantis 2022

Rhema ScotlandJanuary 25, 2022
Dr Jesse Duplantis & Pastor Cathy Duplantis

Pastor Sherrie Hadden, the staff and congregations of Rhema Scotland invite you to join with us as we host well known dynamic evangelist Dr. Jesse Duplantis and Pastor Cathy Duplantis

The meeting with Dr. Jesse Duplantis will take place on Thursday 19th May 2022, at 7.30pm at 1 Dean Bridge, Queensferry Road, Edinburgh, EH4 3AS (Doors open at 6.30pm). 

The meeting with Pastor Cathy Duplantis will be on Friday 20th May 2022, at 9.30am, again, at our Edinburgh church (Doors open at 9.00am).  

Dr Jesse DuplantisDr. Jesse Duplantis, a best-selling author, has sold more than 1.2 million copies of his books worldwide, with many being translated into multiple languages, as well as Braille editions for the blind. He is the founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries (JDM), located in the Greater New Orleans area of south Louisiana.

In full-time ministry since 1978, with over four decades of evangelistic ministry behind him, Jesse has become known and loved worldwide for his strong, down-to-earth messages, his belief that nothing is impossible with God, and his humorous take on experiences in the believer’s life. Generations of believers have been inspired by his messages, and countless numbers have come to know Jesus Christ as Savior through his ministry.

Known for his unflinching, status-quo-breaking messages and his long-standing integrity in ministry, Jesse continues to draw large audiences of believers through television, social media, and meetings held around the world. With a television ministry that spans the globe, Jesse Duplantis continues to be one of the most sought-after Christian speakers today. With speaking engagements booked years in advance, Jesse Duplantis continues to keep an intense traveling schedule, flying throughout the world preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through television broadcasts, books, and other ministry products, as well as through evangelistic meetings, the JDM website, the JDM app, social media, and Voice of the Covenant magazine, Jesse Duplantis continues to expand his reach while maintaining his roots. Jesus is the center of his life. The salvation of lost people and the growth of believers is the purpose of his ministry. And for both he and his wife, every day is another day to “Reach People and Change Lives, One Soul at a Time” with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the success-producing principles of the Word of God.

Pastor Cathy CuplantisPastor Cathy Duplantis is an anointed teacher of the Gospel who is dedicated to living by faith and inspiring others to do the same.  Cathy is the wife of Evangelist Jesse Duplantis, and has worked continually with her husband in ministry since it began in 1978 serving as Administrator, Editor-in-Chief of Voice of the Covenant magazine, television co-host, and Senior Pastor of Jesse Duplantis Ministries Covenant Church in Destrehan, Louisiana.

Cathy Duplantis uses her life experiences and divinely given revelations to encourage and inspire her audience and is a favorite guest speaker for conferences and church meetings throughout the globe.

For more information on the ministry of Dr. Jesse Duplantis and Pastor Cathy Duplantis please visit www.jdm.org

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