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'Holiness and Miracles'

Rhema Church ScotlandDecember 01, 2016
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Encourage – the men’s ministry of Rhema Scotland, came together last Friday – 25th November 2016 for their most recent fellowship night.

The comments from the men who attended, were that both meetings were excellent and encouraging. With teachings on Holiness and Miracles the men were inspired to continue their walk with God in His strength and might.

Some of the men shared testimony on what God has been doing in their lives through healing and His provision, while other men shared on their visions, plans and goals for 2017. With the praise and worship times, tasty food and the good fellowship the whole evening was another opportunity for the men to be fed Spirit, soul and body and given a jump start for the month ahead. 

The next Encourage Men’s Fellowship will be Friday 30th December 2016 at 2.00pm in Kirkcaldy.

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